2 quick questions (hopefully!)

So, just wondering if there are plans to add palm trees to the sim or does
anyone know of any libraries/add-ons that are available? Also, Is there a
simple quick way to adjust the LOD of multiple(same) objects or is it a one at
a time process…thanks for any help!

I have seen Palm trees in the Caribbean using default scenery. e.g. in Blue
Lagoon (North Bimini) . Just to the right of centre.

And here, along the beach at
Bahama Bay in Exuma.

Hello @dvlourie , Please make your title more explicit, as it may be useful to
other users. You can use the a scenery object called Tree_Palm01 or a polygon
vegetation with the biome override option if needed called “Palm_Tree” For the
LODs, everything is explained
(Short answer : you can set the lod value in your object xml and no matter how
many times this object will appear on the scene the lod values in the xml will
be used).