3D ingamepanel?

I’ve seen images of addons that add what look like floating HTML ‘panels’ inside the user cockpit but they seem to be in 3D rather than the better known 2D ingamepanels. Is that some complex capability of MSFS ingampanels or other stock html/js programming API, or does the 3D effect require for those addon ‘tablets’ etc require additional 3D modelling?

These are not ingamepanels at all. These are normal VCockpit panels using 3D art inside the cockpit itself, the same as the glass cockpit.

The puzzle then is how does that Vcockpit instrument mod get a 3d texture in the cockpit to write on without getting the plane modeller to add that?

Maybe they modified the airplane .gltf ? Or, are using submodels, provided the airplane was compiled with the Asobo unique ID flag ?

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Panels like this are 3D in VR but 2D on a regular screen. They are simple in-game panels without the sim’s styles and an iPad frame.