3ds Max 2023 Support

Hi, Is there going to have a support for 3ds Max 2023 in the next SDK update?
For the SDK plugins.

I was able to install it for the 2023 trial version by downloading it from
Asobo’s github and editing the .bat file in notepad to include 2023. GitHub -
AsoboStudio/FlightSim-3dsMax-tools: Microsoft Flight Simulator tools for 3ds

Thanks for the tip. I played it safe and installed 3ds Max 2022.3 Works fine
but looks like there is an issue with transparency. Everything seems to be
transparency. To correct that I had to turn of “Transparency” in the viewport.
I was able to see the transparency on the png decals but not on the shader
transparency (eg. glass). I tried on 2 different computers and the results is
the same. Is it a bug

Try High quality on viewport.

Yes it it is working with "High quality ", but why it is not working with
Standard? Having a huge 3ds max file and activate High quality can slow down a
bit the viewport. I guess it is the only solution for now.

Since Max 2021, both MSFS and P3D plugins require “High quality”, otherwise
they’ll have issues with z-buffering, fact it happens with both plugins, seems
to indicate some kind of common problem ( or a change ) in the basic Max
rendering from 2020 to 2021. Can’t see much difference in speed here, but I’m
on a 3090…

That seems to work nicely, thank you!

@asobo team Any ETA for 3ds max 2024 support?