Ability to change name of existing airport when replacing it with custom scenery

Currently when you replace an existing airport with a custom scenery and want
to change the name of the airport (for example because it is wrong or
outdated) it is not possible, as the game ignores the name set in the editor
for existing ICAOs and instead pulls the name from the locPak. It is a minor
thing but I think, if it would be possible in the future , it could be a great
little QoL addition.

Hi. You can change the name of an existing airport but you first have to mark
it as closed. You then add another airport statement (in the xml) with the
information you require. I admit that it would be easier if this was catered
for by having a check box that said “rename” using my information from the
fields in my project or something and it would then supersede what’s in the

I tried this a while back, but I could never get it to work. Always ended in a
CTD for whatever reason. Ideally, the sim just needs to read and use the
information provided to it from the addon. Although not really needed, a
checkbox of sorts could be useful for further designating something such as an
ICAO change (Or maybe just another field).