Ability to evenly illuminate a narrow area?

I’ve been puzzling over an issue - I need to illuminate a very narrow strip
inside a cockpit. I’m not talking about an emissive source, I’m referring to a
thin, long, area that would be evenly illuminated by a narrow ‘band’ of light.
Are there any means to make this happen with the current lighting effects? One
method that would be used in the real world would be to control lighting at
it’s source is by blocking or using barn doors to create a flashlight strip.
Do we have access to a material that can ‘block’ light? Otherwise, another
approach would be to be able to define a lighting cone with more than one
config line - instead of an even X number of degrees wide, you could have X
degrees wide and Y degrees long. Is there any way to implement this?

Hello @MV-JimStewart Can you provide a picture of what you’re aiming for?
Regards, Sylvain

The dev mode has a user lights window to show you lights live as you tweak
them. You can adjust the inner and outer diameter of the light. You Can’t do a
rectangle long and skinny. So do several light in a row that are narrow.

What I’m trying to emulate is the artificial horizon laser level line that was
projected inside the cockpit in the SR-71. I don’t have any pictures of this,
only descriptions from crew. However, the methods I was trying to describe
were both referring to the idea of taking a cross section of a lighting
sphere, whether by defining that cross section, or by using a material to
‘block’ the upper and lower portions of the sphere in order to get the same
effect - a very narrow band from the center of the sphere.

It’s worth noting that the
suggestion by Flysimware posted below isn’t suitable for this, as it results
in far too much variation of the ‘line’.

I don’t know if this can be used for the intended purpose, but it is possible
to create a straight line light by using a texture for a light in a fx file,
such as a landing light. This will be the shape of the light entered in the
Texture of ParticleAttributes.N I adjusted the horizontal length of the line
with SpotOuter and the thickness of the line with TextureResolution. I hope
this will be helpful.

That’s almost exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!