Ability to implement MARS and attach jetway to multiple gates

Hello, I’ve asked this question here whether it was possible to implement MARS
gates in MSFS 2020. Boris said
implement-mars-in-msfs2020.html) that it is not possible to do this in MSFS at
the moment. I’m suggesting to support/implement this system officially as:

  1. There is a case study on this system: https://pdf4pro.com/view/for-many-airports-mars-is-closer-than-ever-5a46e9.html
  2. A published research paper for this topic: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S037722172101033X
  3. ICAO Apron Management and Safety Advisory Document outlines the importance and usage of MARS as well: https://www.icao.int/MID/MIDANPIRG/Documents/MID19%20and%20RASGMID9/RSA-15-%20Apron%20Management.pdf

This system has been implemented/being implemented in lots of airports all
around the world as it increases capacity (almost doubles it) and efficiency.
Several examples: Istanbul airport

Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport
London Heathrow Airport
San Francisco Airport
And many more examples:
https://imgur.com/a/VhEVk1Z In my question post, @Boris mentioned the
parking radius and services. For MARS gates, the lines clearly mark the
aircraft movement area and ground services. The ground services never wait on
the side, or if they will, they do it in a way so that the other gate would
not be blocked, for example:
Suggestion is to add a way to implement this system so that MARS gates and
jetways can be used and simulated in the simulator as lots of big airports in
the world use this system extensively.

The implementation of MARS gates would be phenomenal. This is an area that
other sims lack.

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bump for visibility

Great idea and also requested by many users.

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I wish more scenery developers took a look at it since this effects everyone.

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Just a reminder that this is possible to do in X-Plane 11, a sim released in 2017, however not possible in MSFS 2020, a “simulator” developed by world’s most valuable company.