About WASM and threads

Hello Guys, This might be a really silly question, but I want to understand
and be sure about something regarding MSFS + WASM thread management. I
understand WASM is single threaded at the moment, however I guess this is only
per individual WASM module? in other words if I create multiple WASM modules
for an aircraft, would each of them run on it’s separate thread? Or we are
saying only 1 thread of MSFS will be handling all WASM modules for a
particular aircraft? Thanks in advance, Simbol

Hi there, Right now all WASM modules run on the main thread - this will be
changed when WASM multithreading is made available but we might add an
intermediate stage where multiple modules are run on different threads (not
100% sure about this yet). Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thanks Eric, Any rough ETA? It would help me to decide how to proceed with a
project. Regards, Simbol

Hello @EPellissier , Is there any news on WASM
multithreading? Thank you.

It’s still in the pipeline but no ETA yet. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thank you @EPellissier

Hello @EPellissier , As SU12 has been recently
released, is there any update on the WASM multi threading? Such a feature
should improve performance across the board, in the end, the end customer will
have the benefit of it. Thank you.

We will probably not have it for another 2 years

Stuff like this isnt really helpful or constructive.

Hello @EPellissier , I don’t want this question
to get side tracked, but I have been wondering if there is any news on WASM
multi threading?

@tiberiu11, Apologies for the lack of response -
there’s nothing we can share yet on this topic which is still WIP. Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

Thank you @EPellissier , this is totally
understood. Is there any any chance a rough ETA on this feature?

Hello @EPellissier ,

Is there any news on this question? Thank you.