Accurate leading edge devices effects on lift

It would be great if the leading edge devices like slats and Krueger flaps had
the correct effects on the lift curve. At the moment, they shift the Cl(alpha)
curve up, like trailing edge flaps would, when they should increase the value
of the critical AOA, allowing to fly at lower speeds by allowing flying at AOA
higher than the critical AOA of the clean wing.

source: <https://www.fzt.haw->

This really isn’t an SDK issue; it’s a sim flight modeling issue. And Asobo
should be well aware of it since it has been brought to their attention many
times in many different ways (official MS Forum, Zendesk, developer forums and
contacts, etc.). But I guess bringing it up in another forum can’t hurt!

That’s exactly what I thought, hence this idea.

Hello This one is already in our backlog but not a priority at the moment.
We’ll update this idea status when we have a better view of when it will be
implemented. Regards, Sylvain