Add a switch for using imperial or metric units in the SDK

With the advent of the World Hub, it opens the door to editing the 10,000+ airports in the US. Unfortunately, the SDK only displays distances in metric, which means we must convert everything from published imperial units, slowing the process. Consider also the additional decimals required to establish a standardized runway width of 50’ (15.24 meters) or a taxiway width of 30’ (9.144 meters). The additional conversion and keystrokes x 10,000 airports, you get the idea.

Just as I’d never predispose forcing Imperial units on the rest of the world that has documentation in metric units, wouldn’t it be fairly easy to have a switch in the preferences of the SDK that enables the use of either, especially for scenery editing?

Most of the real aviation world uses feet for altitudes. Only Russia (that I know of) uses meters for altitude.

Can we have the default also as FEET, please?