Add animations lines to .xml on Blender plugin

It would be cool that the model .xml ,
when exporting a glTf containing animations,
will have the corresponding Animation lines already compiled

	<Animation guid="039b3784-ad2a-4ca8-90ab-98d58182f262" name="NLATRACKNAME" type="Standard" typeParam="Autoplay"/>


Also, would be awesome to have it configurable with some pre-baked flags in the Exporter (E.G. “Random / Autoplay / Whatever” )

Personally would be easier for us to have already generated GUIDs and strings we can comment out in the .xml, rather than have to manually generate GUIDs and copypaste the strings everytime we need to do an animation.

Also, forgetting to Untick the “Generate XML” checkbox from the exporter has the undesired effect of removing the animation part of the object from its XML making it more or less tedious when you’re working with multiple objects in one scene (E.G. Libraries).

Instead, checking both the “Generate XML Entries for NLA Tracks” checkbox and the “Overwrite GUIDs” would cause the GUIDs to be overwritten both sides, giving us total control on the XML output straight out of the box

Something similar to:

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