Add cloud texture and change sky colors

Dear MSFS and Asobo team, I would like that in the future, you add in the sdk
the possibility of adding non-volumetric cloud textures compatible with live
weather. I would also like you to add the possibility of modifying the color
of the sky according to our taste. Currently the sky color on msfs is too
purple during dawn skies and that is unrealistic. But by adding this option,
those who don’t like this color can change it and those who like it can always
keep it Best regards, Charles

Hi @Ben-777,

  1. We are not planning to implement “non-volumetric cloud textures compatible with live weather”.
  2. We are not planning to let users change the sky color.
  3. I think we already answered these questions multiple times.
  4. Can you please stop spamming this platform with the same questions?

Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi, In this case, if you don’t plan to let the 3rd party developers and
ourselves do it, will the sky color will be bluer during dawn skies in a
future sim update and will the clouds look more realistic and look less like
big fuzzy, pixelated balls than they do now. Best regards, Charles

Hi again, Since your new question is not related to the SDK or the DevMode,
you may want to ask about it on the forums
( or
the Zendesk support platform (Microsoft Flight Simulator Support
). Best regards,
Eric / Asobo