Add "FBO" frequency to Airport Frequencies

Many fields do not have a control tower or “Ground” frequency, but do have
fuel available from an onfield FBO, with fuel trucks. Those FBO’s typically
have their own frequency so you can call for fuel. It would be great to allow
uncontrolled airfields to have a “Call for Fuel” capability through an FBO
frequency. Please add this additional functionality.

Just popping this up again, especially with FS2024 on the horizon… I
realized a while back that FS supports FSS frequencies to be assigned. Any
chance this frequency set could be added to the triggers that allow a user to
call a fuel truck for fuel? FSS frequencies are even part of the Nav database,
and certainly developers (like me) can add them too when we redo airports!
Obviously trying to avoid the immersion breaking of having a ground controller
for taxiing at a non-towered airport if I want to give my users the ability to
call for fuel… Unless there is a way to use an FSS frequency for calling
for fuel? I’ve tried in the past and couldn’t get it to work… I suppose I
should test it again. Is there an option I can put in the Services definition
that would open up the use of an FSS frequency to call for fuel? Thanks for