Adding custom assignments

I think I have a good idea. Adding custom assignments allows users to assign
hardware to Lvars. So not only add maybe a list of like 20 or more keys but
have a way for devs to sync the Lvars to those assignments. For example I want
to have a blip switch in a Thomas Morse Scout and the users must be clicking
this switch all the time. So rather than ask him to assign to a light not
being used (needs electrical) it would be better to say assign to CustomKey1
or Custom Key2. And have our Lvar synced to Custom Key1 or Custom key2. P.S.
There is still no assignment for both for a fuel selector only all. I think we
need it as well.

It would be absolutely incredible to have the ability to add our own
keys/buttons/axis assignments. Right now everyone has a proprietary way of
doing it and it’ll get increasingly difficult to navigate the longer we don’t
have a solution for this.

Quick note. We also need to add a few that are spring loaded buttons. So when
a user presses on a button from their hardware that is a toggle button the
trigger will recognize the position and act like a spring loaded switch. This
is important for things like a blip switch on an engine. P.S. We could use a
default blip switch that cuts a single magneto but again is spring loaded.

Hi @FlyingRaccoon,

I read you posted on another thread this topic is in the works. Can you confirm this is getting coded currently and can come quickly. This is very important as many customers have to use hardware binding software and others simply refuse to use software and they are forced to use a mouse. This is hard when you are trying to land. Hoping you will add a simple indexed name like Custom_Binding_001 Custom_Binding_002 ect…