Adding custom Lvar RTPC control to Aux Sends on parent Actor-Mixer?

Hi, Apologies if the title is slightly confusing. What I’m looking to do is
add a custom RTPC controller to my parent actor-mixer objects (not on the
individual audio objects themselves), however I’ve not been able to do so. To
be specific, I have created a cockpit reverb shareset as a game-defined aux
send, and I would like to automate the send/reverb gain to reduce
significantly when the canopy is open. To achieve this, I’m attempting to pass
in a custom Lvar RTPC, on the ‘instruments’ actor-mixer for example, which
modulates the send gain. Whilst the reverb and send works in-game as expected,
I can’t get the RTPC controller to work. Is it possible to achieve this? Or
can custom RTPC’s only be passed through to individual audio events, not
actor-mixers with no attached events? Thanks in advance, Dan K FlyingIron

If you want any sound to change volume (or other effects) based on how far a
door is open. That I have achieved using RTPC. See my image samples. I added
rptc volume to several engine WwiseEvent’s and also for wind.

This is the wind sound that
also uses the RTPC to control volume.
For the engines you add the
RTPC in the same code they were in the WwiseEvent’s.

To add a new RTPC click the new button.

What it looks like when
creating a new RTPC by choosing the location and creating a name.
Choose the effect type for Y
axis then add the RTPC from where you added it for the X axis.

Hi FlySimWare, Thanks for your reply! I’m well versed in using custom RTPCs
all through my projects, the trouble I’m having is applying them specifically
to the send channels (both user defined and game-defined auxillary sends). I
seem to be able to drive them with the preexisting RTPCs, however I can’t get
custom ones to work here as there is nowhere in the sound.xml to define a
Wwise RTPC specifically for a send as far as I can tell Thanks mate, Dan

Hello @MikeNolan It is possible, you can send RTPC to control your Aux send.
One thing to know is WWiseRTPC send the value of your Lvar/simvar on a
specific node. So if you do this :

Sound WwiseData="true" WwiseEvent="lighting_knob_generic" ViewPoint="Inside">

Only the lighting_knob_generic can have its aux send modulated by My_Lvar If
you want that all your instruments can be modulated by My_Lvar, you must add
WwiseRTPC on each event. Hope that can help, best regards, Yohan

Hi @Yoanito, Understood - Thanks so much for taking the time to answer, that
saves me alot of debugging. Cheers, Dan

Hi @Yoanito , sorry to revive this but I’m having issues trying to use RTPC
controls on an Aux send again. This time I need to use the shared RTPC’s;
SPP_DISTANCE & the Doppler RTPC. I’m finding these rtpc’s work when used
directly on the engine tracks, but they don’t seem to be recognized by the Aux
sends. I’m trying to work around it with multiple engine tracks but its quite
inefficient. Is there a way to pass through the Doppler & distance RTPC from
XML as per your example above? Or to get them working on the Aux sends? Thanks

I just saw that Yoanito has left :frowning: @FlyingRaccoon @Boris Hope you don’t mind
me tagging you here - is it possible to get support re my reply above? Thanks