ADF VOLUME SET unusable and ADF2_VOLUME_SET does not exist

Hello, ADF_VOLUME_SET does not seem to work. I’m unable to set the volume with
either 0.8 or 80 for example. Am I right? Only INC/DEC are working. Also,
there’s no way to set the volume of ADF 2? Am I right? Thanks!

Hello @jsb Following your report, we have identified a bigger issue on morse
code sound management that makes some volume events and simvars ineffective.
The events you mention work in the sense that they modify the ADF VOLUME
simvar but the simvar is not properly used. Here, ADF VOLUME has no effect and
the volume is controlled through the main audio panel volume only. And you are
right, we are also missing the events for ADF 2. We will review this part of
the code, fix the issues and expose new events. Thank you for reporting this.
Regards, Sylvain

On this front, I also noticed I was unable to set the ADF using the
ADF_100_INC/DEC events. The 10s and 1s worked.

We will have a look at this as well then.

Hello @SWS-AlexVletsas Just ran some tests on this and didn’t encounter any
issue. I sent those events through SimConnect and monitored the active
frequency on SimVarWatcher. 100 incs and decs were processed correctly.

While you are into that NAV Audio code, maybe can you address the Volume Level
issue that has been present in MSFS since before release. Max Nav volume
(Morse Code Ident)
is way too LOW, even when set to max volume. Ideally,
it should have the same maximum amplitude as the COM Radio, and then the pilot
can use the COM Volume & NAV Volume, to get the balance they require.

Thank you! When will it be fixed?

I agree 100%

Too early to tell. We’re working on it but it needs to be tested and validated
internally before it’s released.