Adjusting Engine pylon flex

Hi Asobo team. Similar to how the hard coded wing flex parameters can be
adjusted in the cfg file, is it possible to adjust the engine pylon movement?
I am referring to the Engine_PIVOT_LEFT/RIGHT nodes. If it is not currently
possible, can this be implemented at some point in the future? Thanks!

Hello @Sherv I’m not sure to understand, you want the displacement applied to
your engines to be different to the one applied to your wings? What effect are
you trying to get exactly? Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain. I am referring to the hard coded engine/pylon bouncing and shaking
effect. I was hoping there is a way to control how much the engine bounces
through a cfg file entry. This would be similar to how the hard coded wingflex
nodes are controlled in the flight_model.cfg file under the “wingflex_scalar”
section. Thanks, Sherv