AI Landing Anomalies: Seeking Insights on Aircraft Behavior and Airport Compatibility in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hello Microsoft Flight Simulator Community,

I am encountering an issue with the AI mode in Microsoft Flight Simulator, specifically related to the landing behavior of certain aircraft. When in AI mode, I’ve observed that many aircraft tend to fly over the runway after the landing approach, take off again, or deviate from the expected flight path.

I am curious to understand whether this issue is related to the aircraft themselves, the accuracy of airport approach waypoints, or another factor altogether. Additionally, I’m interested in knowing which aircraft perform best in AI landing scenarios and if there are specific airports known to support this functionality.

Here’s a breakdown of my questions:

  1. Is the observed behavior in AI mode a result of issues with the aircraft or the accuracy of airport approach waypoints?
  2. Can you recommend aircraft that are known for performing well in AI landing scenarios?
  3. Are there specific airports that better support AI landings in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

I appreciate any insights, suggestions, or additional information you can provide on this matter. Feel free to share any relevant links or resources that could help me further understand and address this issue.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.