AI Offline GA aircrafts ground speed 50kts after landing

Problem is, that those airplanes wont brake at all when landed. What would be
the problem? Problem are occuring with all the airplanes and they are
following traffic planes made for them. Every plane just keeps 50kts speed
when landed. Video of behavior:
I can remake this situation also with a) asobo stock planes b) with asobo´s
stock ga .bgl c) with empty community folder e) all of those combined Can you
reproduce the problem?

Hello @Corsten What airport is this?

This is freeware EFHF, but this is happening all over the place. With payware,
with stock. Can you reproduce it?

Hello @Corsten This is a general issue with the traffic and it has also been
reported on the forums. We are tracking this issue. Regards, Sylvain