AI Traffic Editor

Hi, Please can we have an update on the availability of the official AI
Traffic Tool for Aircraft and Boats etc? This is the line currently in the SDK
“The Air Traffic Editor is a feature that is not yet complete and as such the
documentation is not available until all aspects of the feature have been
implemented and are available to users.”
Thanks, SFSimDev

Hello, At the moment the AI Traffic Editor has no resources dedicated, so we
won’t be able to offer such a tool in the next months. Have a good day, Alyzée

before adding any AI Traffic Editor, the actual AI logic in the Sim needs a
lot of fixes/improvements to handle the amount of AI Traffic. We as AIG are
already in contact with MS/ASOBO to improve the internal AI system.

Perhaps we can compare notes?

sure, but at the moment AI testing is not 100% possbile because of the bugs in
SU5, I hope they get fixed with an Hotfix

I’m experiencing the same. It’s difficult to diagnose issues at the moment.

Sorry Alyzèe. Do you have in the backlog soon the feature for make visible via
Simconnect Multiplayer traffic?