AI Traffic reg.nrs. not showing on plane

Is there a way to get the reg.nrs. to show on AI traffic, or is it just broken
and we have to wait for Asobo to fix this? In Littlenavmap you can see the is known. On AI traffic there’s only a white box on
the fuselage where the number should show up.

Hello @MaVe_Creations No, there is no way to do this until this is addressed
on our side. This issue is tracked but has low priority at the moment.
Regards, Sylvain

Thats a surprising reply – low priority ? I thought it was generally
"assumed’ by the community, that the tail numbers did not display in MP (for
all to see), because of the risk of some irresponsible person, putting an
inappropriate call-sign on their MP plane So maybe MS/Asobo considers the MSFS
community :“mature enough” not to abuse MP displayable Call signs … That is
good news …

Yeah it’s very ugly to see the white box in all AI models, and much more with
the new planes that haven’t white fuselage. I don’t know but I think the
solution would be very simple, for example, in the same way that works the ice
visibility on the fuselage. The model.xml says when show the ice on that
model. So the same for the registration box. I’m sure, one Asobo programmer
could do this in only one hour. Meanwhile I made a solution for myselft that
works well and I think would be nice to share with the community Cheers

Interesting… did you find out what defines the white box? Is it a node in
the gtlf? If that’s so, it’s easy to turn off this node in the xml file.

Well, let me clarify. What is known and tracked is that a big white square is
displayed instead of the registration number. Whether it will fixed by
displaying the correct ID, a random one or simply removing any id is not know
at the moment and takes the possibility of inappropriate callsign into
account. Regards, Sylvain

The last time I tried to hide it with xml visibility it didn’t work on
multiplayer planes, but in the Extra 330 the node name is Registration

Yes, the node is RegistrationNumber in some models, in others as WombiiActual
says is Registration, but all of them use the material $RegistrationNumber, is
what I use to make invisible the nodes. I was thinking… I don’t know if
turning it off would cause problems in ATC coms and is preferable to make it