Aircraft and Blender

Hello, has anybody experienced and solved a problem with importing aircraft models in Blender? I have tried importing gltf files with 4.0, 3.6 and 3.2 and Im receiving the following python errors. Can You give me some advices on what Im doing wrong? The screen is with pmdg 737 but it goes the same with any other aircraft

The official plug-in Is meant to work with Blender 3.3.x , as per documentation
And, as per documentation, it is not mean to use for importing already compiled glTF files

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Thanks for the fast reply. However, what kind of options do I have? I suppose I cant import any gltf files from within the sim. I have installed 5 versionf of blender including the 3.3.x and it still shows the errors (most probably because of the textures updated with some different datas?). Is the only option to use the paintkits available on and add textures to these? It looks like a completely crazy environment where people cannot make liveries in a regular way. But somehow they do :slight_smile: Can You pls give me some note on how to deal with it? Im making sceneries from withiin the sim and models in blender but have never had such weird problems :stuck_out_tongue: What Im trying to do is to change some datas like the regs for the specific livery for 737. I was doing it in fsx and p3d and it was much more easy and less problematic.

The correct way is to use paint kits, thats how we used to paint stuff even before those cute 3d softwares exists

If you work for the PMDG company, you could ask them for the needed files, otherwise, cracking open their planes doesn’t seems really legit (and that’s the reason why official plug-in doesn’t allow importing compiled glTF)

You can try with bestdani plugin, it may work (I’m not currently a airplane repainter )

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I found a solution for my case after few days :slight_smile: I was not even aware abt how demanding it is nowadays to paint the airplane and create / edit the liveries. It is not my intention to do it in a non-legit way. However not that much has changed since the fsx/p3d times and having the possibility of using the 3d software nowadays should be a standard as fighting with the 2d textures only makes it much more time consuming and inconvenient. Besides, I truly admire the new SDK and editors within the sim for scenery creation and aircraft programming. And I hope, painting would be more supported by asobo soon and they will focus much more on the official Blender support (3ds max support is also not that fresh I see). What to say - the life of a developer is not that easy :slight_smile: Thank You very much for Your kindness and time spent on my query. I really appreciate that. Best regards :slight_smile:
PS. Anybody having similar problems with importing the models or working with textures - in case of any questions on a solution on how to work with 3d/2d software, feel free and send me a message.

@mamuDesign btw thank You very much for Your YT tutorials. I have used them extensivelly when learning how to make sceneries :slight_smile: and You are making fantastic projects on FTO :slight_smile: The BigBench Project is an absolute winner for me :slight_smile: As on “old simmer”, I really appreciate Your passion and work You are doing for the community. Wish You a nice day :slight_smile:

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