Aircraft Capture Tool Doesn't work in DX12 mode

The aircraft capture tool generates solid black images in DX12 mode which is useless.
I use a custom script to generate the thumbnail and thumbnail_small images.
The script works fine in DX11, but in DX12 it just generates two solid black images.
Totally unusable. Switching back to DX11 to generate thumbnails requires a restart, which is very inconvenient.
Also, even in DX11 you can’t generate thumbnails with HDR enabled. The images turn out way over exposed. Yet another inconvenience. I have to disable HDR as well to capture thumbnails. I reported this previously on the forums but was told that wasn’t the appropriate place to report it and the case was just closed unresolved. The issue still exists in the Sim 13 update.

Hello @henkerhaus,

Which script are you referring to? Are you talking about an XML preset?
Have you received any error messages in the console?

I’ve just tested the Aircraft Capture Tool with DX12, and it works.


I am running AMD 6900XT GPU, DX12,FSR 2.0, Quality. Yes, the script is an .xml preset for 1618x582 thumbnail and 600x216 thumbnail_small. Camera zoom is 0.9. I activate Dev environment, deactivate HDR (can’t use with HDR active, image will be overexposed-another annoying problem), Go to My Hangar, select aircraft and livery, open the tool, load the preset, select the first item in the preset list and press the button. I am prompted to specify a save location and then it captures the two images. When I go and open the thumbnail image files they are nothing but all black rectangles. I tested this several different ways and narrowed it down to DX12 vs DX11, not FSR2 vs TAA. If I set it to DX11TAA, restart, and repeat the process, I get two good images. Having to change back to DX11 and restarting is a major inconvenience. I usually just get to the point of hitting the capture button and then use Snagit to take the screenshot. I then open the screenshot in Photoshop to resize, crop, and save as both sizes. Also an inconvenience, but less than having to restart MSFS 3 times! It shouldn’t have to be this hard, but it’s like this ever since I decided to switch to DX12.