Aircraft ICAO variables

Aircraft Configuration File has a number of new standard ICAO parameters:
icao_type_designator icao_manufacturer icao_model icao_engine_type
icao_engine_count icao_WTC Please make them available as SimConnect

The more sim connect the better for cockpit builders!

Does this mean that with these new paramater, it will help support better
Plane / Model matching in MP ? This will be most welcome – along with a new
definitive explanation in the SDK, as to exactly how Model matching in MP will
now work, with these new ICAO parameters. Hopefully the end of a C172 Float
model, fall back matching to a c172 Ski version etc etc

I guess internaly the parameters are already used (see live traffic) they are
just not readable via the SDK… Regarding Float vs Ski: Do they actual have
different icao paramters?

Bump on this one… Right now there is no way to access the aircraft
manufacturer and model via SimConnect. Thank you!

Bumping for visiblity!

No, so that presents a problem with the current Model matching.

Wheel, Float, ski all have the same ICAO code (in RL )

I brought the issue of model matching up with Seb at the Expo. Not only do I not understand why most developers input random incorrect ICAO values in their aircraft.cfg’s (the official document is easily accessible and searchable here: Aircraft Type Designators), we’re further burdened by the fact that ICAO has multiple values for the same plane; finally, as you note there’s not enough information encoded in the values for proper model matching to begin with. Hence at places like KBED, where there is mostly twin engine business jet traffic, they all get model matched to A320’s instead of perhaps a Longitude.

Sadly, Seb wasn’t really aware of the concept of Model Matching, nor did he have any idea how MSFS does it, or what data they really use. So we couldn’t really get into a discussion about how to make it work better.