Aircraft Livery Repaint

I am having the same simobject issue that others have had. Trying to add a
Cessna 208 repaint livery package to my existing mission package using the
Project Editor. I understand that the original aircraft needs to be part of
the package to generate the repaint properly. Still, the SDK example is vague
on how to add the existing model (in this case, the 208) as a separate package
under the project so the livery will adequately generate.

Hello @AdventumSims , I will clarify the process of making liveries with the
team but, in the meantime, you can avoid using an official package by using an
AssetGroup of type " Copy " in your PackageDefinitions xml I was able to
use this and it works well in game Regards, Boris

Is it possible to create a livery (paint job) to a supplied airplane, namely a
Pitts Biplane. In the real world I own and fly an Acrosport II biplane which
is pretty much the same as a Pitts and it would be fun to make it look like my
real airplane. See attached