Airport ambient sounds

I’m working on a set of sleepy general aviation airports. I would LOVE for the ambient sound to be the birds and nature sounds that you hear around little grass strips and such, as opposed to the noisy airport sound. There are a ton of small airports in the sim where that is the case. What determines this?

Hello @jonmkj !

We have no clean solution to tweak the Airport ambiant sounds.

However, The volume of the airport sounds that you want get rid of, are defined by these 3 parameters :

  • Number of runways
  • Length of these runways
  • The surface of the material used on the runways

Surface type can have an effect on some features, so make sure you do not require any particular surface type for your runways

Here are the surface types that triggers the airport sounds :


So you can use any other surface.

By the way ambiance sounds aren’t muted, it is just that airport sounds are way louder.

Hope this could help,



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Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the sounds are getting triggered whether I like it or not due to the configuration of the airports I’m working on. They’re still very small county airports… if there’s any way this could be changed in the future that would be fantastic. That’s a very bizarre way to go about setting it up.

Sorry for not having any other solution for you.
Indeed, sound designers may work on a more precise way to decide wich ambient sounds should be played. However we do not plan to open this part to third parties yet.

Good luck with your project,