Airport not displaying after Sim Update 7

Hello, I have a user reporting an addon airport scenery in the community
folder is not displaying after SU7, when it displayed before previously. The
scenery is listed in the content manager but does not show when a flight is
loaded, instead it’s the default airport. The addon airport is present in the
content.xml folder. I can’t reproduce the problem myself because the scenery
displays fine for me. Anything that could be causing such issues?

Hello, Did you have any other user that reported this issue since ? Can you
send me your package ? I’ll try to test it if I see something Best Regards,

Hello @tpilot1 If your user doesn’t use the content.xml to control scenery
order, tell him to delete it. Otherwise, just tell him to move your airport
package entry at the end of the file. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for the response @FlyingRaccoon, I will have them try that out. @Boris
No other users have reported that issue and I tried it on two different
devices but didn’t run into any problems. I can send you the package. Since
it’s a payware scenery, is there any way to send it via PM? Thanks

Hello @tpilot1 , Please first, as @FlyingRaccoon said, test the solution above
and let us know the result Best regards, Boris

Okay thanks, will let you know.

I had the user try both solutions but they didn’t work, however they
uninstalled and re-installed MSFS which fixed the issue, and the scenery shows
normally again. So it should be solved now. Thank you