Alignment of Buttons Clickzones on SDK Menu's when in full screen is off

Version: SU/AAU/WU XX -
Vanilla version, reversed out of the Beta
Frequency: Once/Rarely/Frequently/Consistently
Severity: Low/High/Blocker
Kind of bad
Context: What package? In edition or mounted from Community? In main menu or in flight? etc…
All modes…
Bug description:
When you go to click a button on the SDK menus, the developer menus, the buttons clickzones are off to the right. Its only when in ‘full screen mode’, not in Windows mode. You can accidentally click the wrong buttons. A nightmare when in things like Camera adjustments settings and things. I almost did a huge ‘clean and rebuild’ by mistake when in full screen mode.
Repro steps:
Go to full screen mode, open a project editor, try to click on menu buttons.
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If this has already been posted, then please disregard.

Maybe there is a small adjustment that can be made that will fix it? Would be nice… :slight_smile: