Allow remote connections from Xbox to user's PC

Bonjour folks, I know it’s been written in some other threads - but I’m new
here (!) and I do not know if the fact that item is still around means it is
still opened and investigated by the DEV Team. So my need (as other Xbox
users) is to have the ability to somehow be able to get SimConnect data from
by creating some sort of a “proxy” on the user’s PC that would exchange data
back and forth between Xbox and PC. This “proxy” service would in some way
“emulate” MSFS 2020 similarly to having an application running locally for
MSFS PC users. Is this at all achievable? Thanks!

AFAIK it is not possible at the moment, since the XBOX is a closed system.
IIRC there has been some talkes about it in one of the last Q&A; by Jörg and
that they might look together with the XBOX team into it.

Hi. Thanks for the post - I have the same information as you. I just was
encouraged to post here by the [forums
website](February 10th, 2022 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator

](February 10th, 2022 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator
update/) I can’t wait for Xbox users to get some tender loving care… Anyone
from Asobo and/or Microsoft reading this?

Yes we read all posts written here indeed. As has already been stated, there
are no plans right now to allow communication between a PC and an Xbox through
SimConnect. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thanks for responding, @EPellissier! Should I
“keep asking and bothering you guys” or may I assume that this is on a “Xbox
ToDo List” somewhere? Because I know myself - I’ll never stop asking! :slight_smile:

My GUESS is that it’s beyond scope of the XBox platform. Advanced stuff like
that is what the PC platform is all about.

Hi Eric , Ok we understood that you ll dont support simconnect network
connection between XBOX and PC but do you think (more general question) to
allow 3rd party tools developer to access (via cloud via other magic
connection) XBOX MSFS version? Fabio FlightControlReplay tool

As I said above we do not plan to allow this for now so it is not even on an
“Xbox ToDo List” for the moment. It may change in the future so feel free to
ping us from time to time but I don’t see this position changing in the coming
weeks/months. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Please stop stating things like that, @OzWookie. I did sim for years before
all those developers started to code in an unorganized fashion. SDKs are there
for a reason - and, in part, it is there for portability reasons. Xbox could
be a solid platforms for people that do not need 3 screens and/or VR.
Everything else works except the SimConnect (and the upcoming possibility of
using OneDrive to store .PLNs).

This is truly sad to read. I’ll keep posting this on “the other” Forum.

(and the upcoming possibility of using OneDrive to store .PLNs) Sorry when was
announced this ?

It’s not an announcement per se - but rather a screenshot from a trustable
friend of mine who is currently in the SU Bêta Tests. In the world map, you
now have the ability to load from (or save to) something else than the
Persistent Cache (?!) on Xbox… Here is the screenshot in question.

oh - and this friend runs MSFS
from a PC - just so you know. I’m the only one of “us” who flies with them
from an Xbox - so I craaaave for this functionality so we could exchange