Anyone Minding the store at ASOBO Blender git?

Anyone assigned to the Blender exporter git? Seems there are a few updates
requested due to bugs, simple fixes I assume? Changing has_symmetry back to
has_simmetry like all the default gltf objects in the sim ( or is SU10 going
to mass change this spelling error). Adding in the multiexport functionality
of setting image export to None and make it functional? Glass Material Alpha -
allow adjustment. Would PR’s get merged if we try to fix the easy ones?

Hi there, Yes they would. Someone is coming early September to take this over
on our end. Until then I’ll try to handle the PRs when I can. Best regards,
Eric / Asobo

I assume with the delay in SU10, this put the blender exporter on hold for a
while. Any chance it gets an active body working on it. I have two PRs - one
for emissive scale gt 1.0 and one for COMP node breaking change issue (in
Blender 3.3) ready for testing.