Approach RNAV and ILS LIPR

Hi everyonel ! flying to LIPR (italy) with sr22 and loading (an example) an ILS Y 31 or ILS Z 31 but i can’t activate it beacuse ROGAK (iaf) doesn’t exists so isn’t possible to fly the approach . what’s the problem ? similar problem with RNAV approach in LIPR . thks

This forum is for developers using the MSFS SDK; not for support with using the sim. That said this IAF does exist in the MSFS navdata. If you are using third party navdata please try uninstalling it to see if the issue persists.

Yes, iaf ROGAK does exists in the msfs navdata and a can load it but i can’t activate it . An example ,approaching LIPR , a direct to ROGAK is not possible because " dosen’t exists" and i can’t understand how it’s possible…