APU Doesn't Use Fuel Properly

I am testing the fuel system with the APU. The APU is turned on with PCT RPM
reporting 1. There’s fuel flow, pressure, and fuel level in the line feeding
it (Line 39) and all other lines leading up to it and they all make sense. But
for some reason, the tank level never decreases, as if the fuel just appears
from nowhere. See the picture below, both tank 2 and 3’s level stays constant
despite fuel flow constantly changes between 32.9-33

What’s even stranger is that if
I decrease the tank level to below a certain point (like set it to around 10%
full). Fuel starting to get used from the tank and I can see it decreasing.
But when there’s a lot of fuel, it doesn’t work. Does anyone know why this
might be happening?

Hello @Yamazaki93 We have identified and fixed a similar problem in the
upcoming Sim Update. The issue comes from small FF value being subtracted from
big fuel quantities having no effect because of 32 bit floats precision. We
don’t have a workaround. Please test this again when SU13 Flighting starts to
confirm that’s no longer an issue. Regards, Sylvain

Sounds good! Not a problem, we’ll test again after SU13.