[ART] Sun rays pass through the fuselage on large aircraft

Hi, is there a way to assign a parameter on a material in order to remove the
sun’s rays on it ? In my case the aircraft have a very long cabin with many
right angles. And the sun tends to pass through the fuselage. Does anyone have
an effective solution? Regards

Hi @Jimmy_BlueMesh , Without screenshot, I’m not sure but it looks like you
should try increasing the shadow sphere and move it to the right place.
Regards, Boris

Search Shadow Center here. camera definition

Go to the options tab and under debug drawing/aircraft select the shadow
sphere. From the cameras aircraft editor make a camera with Origin cockpit,
Category aircraft and Sub Category Shadow Center. Be aware there are
limitations as sometimes you can’t completely remove the light in corners. Go
here to read details.

Hi, @Flysimware , @Boris Yes i’m aware of the shadow sphere. But if this
sphere is too large, shadows in the cockpit will not be fine enough. My cabin
is actually 40 meter long, the mesh close to the cockpit is not a problem, but
it’s mostly what’s on the opposite side. I was wondering if there was another
way to prevent this, rather on the side of Blender / 3DS max But i think that
there is no real solution and that we have to deal with it

Hello @Jimmy_BlueMesh That’s right, for such a long cabin, there’s no
appropriate solution, especially if it’s visible in the external model. (In
cockpit view, you can sometimes add some occlusion objects that are not
visible from the cockpit and that can improve the situation a bit) We face
similar limitations with our own models. We’re thinking about ways to improve
the situation but there’s is no solution for now. Regards, Sylvain

So the areas I had issues was the far back high corners in the cockpit and if
you make a thin glareshield it will also have issue in the upper inside
corners. We spent 4 days doing testing to resolve the thin glareshield with
some improvement with altering the location and shape of the sphere. So again
there is limitation at the moment. But I have confidence Asobo will make more
of a rectangle controlled box rather than a sphere so we can get a more
accurate alignment. Try to make the sphere long and skinny.