Asobo ATR no screens bug

I purchased a copy of the Asobo ATR 42/72 in summer 2023. After enjoying it for months, I got into a break from flight sim. Coming back to it last week (before the release of update 1.0.36), I had the bad surprise of finding out that the screens are no longer powered.

Similar to other bugs mentioned on the forum, the aircraft behaves normally, but no screen is powered (including the EFB). No solution available in the topics I read fixed this issue. I thought of removing the addon to reinstall it, but I seem to only be allowed to purchase it again through the online store. I can’t update it either (my current version is 1.0.20). Even if the price is very reasonable, I’d rather avoid having to pay for it at every update…


You’d better report that issue on the General forums ( instead, because this is the forum specifically for developers and for support with the SDK, as well as technical issues with the sim that can cause an impact to 3rd-party developers (myself included) and their work.

Carlos Gonzalez
NextGen Simulations

Thanks a lot for your help Carlos, I will share it there!


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