[ASOBO NEED HELP] White XML Scenery / Bug Broke the format and encoding of the file. windows(crlf) unix (Lf)


unexpectedly closing the simulator due to a laptop power outage. My file with
a bunch of data has turned into a blank screen, but at the same time its data
is visible, but with a different encoding that I don’t see in the simulator
and I can’t recode, this is not the first case. but before I thought it was an
accident, but now there are a huge number of months of work and the last
backup was a long time ago and I can’t restore it. it was coded by the
simulator itself. help me and decode this or converting to correct.

The xml file you included in your post, is only full of zero bytes , 0x00

Somehow, you have managed to include an XML file in your post that is all 0x00
bytes ??? Back on your PC, you seem to have been able to open the original
xml file in Notepad, but it is showing in Unix format. I do not believe that
Notepad can convert to Dos format, but Notepad++ can (Free). I suggest you get
a copy of Notepad++, open it, and then in Notepad++ you can select to covert
it to DOS format, and then save it.

It not my hand problem. It file stay like this after bad closing msfs in dev
mode and my notebook. Notepad++ i have and it not helping, we have more ways i
trying it remade in notepad++ trying understand dos2unix.exe but it not
helping. I holy shit from asobo bug. I say one i not changing this file from
hand only under msfs dev mode

BGL pleaseDECOMP.zip

Your best bet might be to reach out to the creator of MSFSBGLXML over here
[msfsbglxml - convert MSFS (2020) BGL files to XML |
msfs-2020-bgl-files-to-xml.450677/) . I tried it but for you but it’s showing
some errors. Maybe they can help you if Asobo can’t here.

It not help very big file data and more positions in scenrry devs.

Hello @MaxCloud13 , I’m afraid we can’t make much more progress than all the
users here since the bgl was compiled with some errors. I suggest you to make
backups of your files when you can or/and use a versioning tool. Regards,

It strange because i made it before changes…and he working good