Attached model LOD visibility issue

Version: SU/14

Frequency: Consistently

Bug description: First issue is, I found the child model it will hide prior to the parent model based on the child scale being smaller. It does not hide based on the LOD distance you have assigned to the parent.

Second issue is, I attached the same child model to the parent model LOD 01 and it does not show at all either based on the first reason or setup. But i used the same method in the SDK.

If I test a box that is the same scale as the entire aircraft project then it matches perfectly. So is there a method I am missing or is this a bug? I am not sending in my large project. This can simply be tested with a several size boxes.

One more thing. When testing the debug LOD display it fails to change to 1(1/1) from 0 (0/1). I forget if this was when I tested attaching to both LOD 0 and LOD 1 for the parent model or I wrote the child XML to have 2 LOD’s. Which may be the reason this displayed as if it had 2 LOD’s (0/1) and you simple can’t do that.

Please reply how to make sure the child model matches the parent model for each LOD. And how to ensure it shows for both LOD’s. Thanks.

Keep in mind this was exterior model attachments.