AttachModel SceneryObjects

The SDK documentation states that with

" The model attachment feature permits you to reference a model glTF and its
corresponding XML file as an attachment to a main model.
" With this can we
attach SimObjects to SceneryObjects (and vice versa)? Thanks, SFSimsDev

Hello @SFSimsDev , Model Attachments feature only works for a simobject and
not for several simobjects or scenery objects. Of course, the xml you try to
attach to your main model must be in the same project Regards, Boris

Thanks @Boris - In that case it sounds like there should be an
edit/clarification in the documentation stating that it’s only for
SimObjects. I appreciate you explaining this and the quick response.

@SFSimsDev Of course, we are already in the process of adding additional
information and more examples in the documentation :wink: