Aurora Borealis Broken SU14 - Fixed Orientation?

Version: SU14

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Context: *Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights

Bug description: The orientation of the Aurora Borealis effects are incorrect with SU14. I believe this may be an error, blamed on the Fixed Axis Orientation implementation. When using “Quad->Face Camera” I would expect the effect to behave the same as prior to SU14. However, the effect is strangely oriented.

Repro steps: Load the add-on “Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis” and spawn in the coverage area. Notice the aurora’s spiking through the horizon.

Attachments: Screenshot

I manually fixed each by re-orienting all the effects within the effects editor through the fixed orientation.


Thank you for reporting this.
We were able to reproduce the same behavior and we have added this issue to our backlog.