Automated node alignment

Ever notice when you taxi at certain airports that the taxi lines look like they were painted by someone who just got off a weekend bender?

I’m proposing a simple solution: allow node straightening. To make it work, you simply select a series of nodes and click “apply straightening.” The SDK then aligns all the nodes between the endpoints.

If you want to get a bit more advanced, you could ask it to distribute the nodes equidistantly between the endpoints. “Apply equal spacing” or something to that effect. Many graphical design apps already have this feature.

This would not only clean up the taxi lines, but could be applied to parking spots as well as we spend a lot of time straightening those. Maybe this already exists and I’m missing it. Please let me know if that’s the case.

We already have “Align points” in the context menu when two three or more “connected” TaxiwayPoints are selected (it might work for other objects as well, but I only ever used it with TaxiwayPoints).

Sadly, the editor isn’t too smart about selecting the points “in the world” (as opposed to the object hierarchy in the Scenery Editor window): it just likes to keep you clicking as it selects polygons and aprons first until you get to the actual point.

As someone else suggested here, when there’s already a point selected, the editor should prioritize points over other elements.

I find it’s easier if you lock the other stuff down. But it can be cumbersome to align a node, then unlock, go back to a parking spot, then back to a node. In the same regard, it doesn’t work to automatically lock other types out when connecting path nodes to parking spots. That’s at least one case in which they have to be different types.

I’ll try the align tool tonight. Still wishing for an equidistant spacer.

Yeah, this isn’t cool. Know of a quick way to exclude all but the filtered item in the list?