Autopilot LOC mode

Hello, I can’t succeed in activating the LOC mode in my aircraft. When the
autopilot is active in heading mode, the ILS frequency is set and the
localizer signal is received, I press the LOC button that triggers the
K:AP_LOC_HOLD_ON event. It does not work, the aircraft keeps flying the
selected heading and does not follow the localizer when it is intercepted. My
ILS is configured as Nav3. Where did I go wrong? Thank you.

More detail would help: Which autopilot is in use (default, NXI?, etc.) Also
which aircraft? Which airport and ILS are you approaching? Same thing happen
on NAV1 or NAV2?

Hello, If you are not already doing so, please ensure you have the autopilot
using the correct nav radio, by using K:AP_NAV_SELECT_SET. The documentation
indicates that you can pass in 1 or 2, but you can actually pass in 1 through
4 to set the nav radio that autopilot lateral guidance should follow.
Hopefully that helps! -Matt

I use the default autopilot in the aircraft I am creating, on LEPR airport
with ILS 109.900 on runway 17. I cannot check NAV1 or NAV2 because my aircraft
has ILS on NAV3, like the standard 747.

I already did this with something like:
SimVar.SetSimVarValue(“K:AP_NAV_SELECT_SET”, “number”, 3); I checked with the
SimVar Watcher and I confirm AUTOPILOT NAV SELECTED is 3, which corresponds to
my ILS. Nevertheless, I can’t get it to work with my aircraft while it works
with the 747. For more informations, in systems.cfg my radios are configured
as follows:

Audio.1 = 1
Com.1 = 1, 1
Com.2 = 1, 1
Com.3 = 1, 1
Nav.1 = 1, 0, 0
Nav.2 = 1, 0, 0
Nav.3 = 1, 0, 1
Adf.1 = 1, 0
Adf.2 = 1, 0
Transponder.1 = 1
Marker.1 =

My ILS works perfectly, but the A/P cannot use it, no LOC mode, no APPR mode

Thanks for your inputs, unfortunately it doesn’t help, my autopilot still
can’t capture the localizer or glideslode. For info, to set the LOC mode I

SimVar.SetSimVarValue("K:AP_LOC_HOLD_ON", "bool", 1);

To set the APPR mode I use:

SimVar.SetSimVarValue("K:AP_APR_HOLD_ON", "bool", 1);

Do you see anything wrong here?