Babylon: Asobo Unique ID Bit - should be Fixed

As per the SDK, and its examples – The Babylon Asobo Unique ID bit should now
ideally be set (by default) when exporting models. ?

This will then allow the full support support for sub_Models and their
ie Adding an Interactive Tablet to a Plane , without
disturbing the Base Model
While this option may not have been available
when MSFS released, it is now needed to allow the full use of the recently
introduced sub-model feature., So please could ASOBO consider re-exported
their planes with this ID bit SET, and a strong recommendation go out to all
Plane Developers, to make sure they set this when doing future exports.

This would also be a good opportunity to correct a few know Model issue…
(1) Invalid Animation ID names ( in the Premium/Deluxe C172sp.) (2)
Non Unique Node Names for Tach Time & Hobs Time.( in the Premium/Deluxe

(From SDK)

ASOBO_UniqueID : Checking this option will mean that when you export a
glTF using the Babylon exporter, each node will automatically have a unique ID
assigned to it and these IDs will be validated as part of the export process.
Usually these IDs are created from the object name, however if the model uses
objects that share a name then the exporter will stop and give you a warning,
since this means that there will also be node names that are the same and not

Having the defaultmodels with uniqueID would be amazing! There is a whole
world of modders eager to mod their favorite planes with functional bits!
Especially the cockpits would be great so we could swap out or add
instruments. Hopefully there isn’t a licensing issue preventing this.

Unique IDs broken in my MAX2020 - after I make a clone of object, it triggers
ID duplicate error even after I use Resolve UniqueIDs. So I have no choice but
uncheck this option, it started about half year ago I believe.

“So I have no choice but uncheck this option, it started about half year ago
I believe.”
@ASOBO – maybe this could be addressed with some priority, if
it is a widespread issue , and Asobo can reproduce it. While it remains
BROKEN, more and more planes are coming onto the Market without the ability to
make use of Sub-Modeling. – and will require the extra work or re-exporting
and re-distribution in the future. Are ASOBO even aware it may be Broken in
MAX2020 ?
Is it also broken in the Blender Exporter ?? ****

While I appreciate the ability to opt into the unique ID setting, therefore
being able to take advantage of this feature if I wanted to, I would
vehemently disagree with this being any sort of a forced setting for third
party developers. It should remain a choice for all developers as to
whether they want to enable this setting, and by doing so, enable the ability
for any other parties to modify and/or add to a developers product. Forcing
such a feature, while enabling a certain amount of openness for community
modders, also has the potential to enable a parasitic business model whereby
add-ons could be created by one developer on the back of another developers
product, without agreement, permission or cooperation.

I was in no way suggesting that anyone should be FORCED to use this export
It is obviously the Dev choice, and I can see why some would not
want to set it themselves.for their products. But as it is currently
broken, it should be fixed, .
Maybe even the SDK updated to say it’s
default is OFF, but can be turned on if the Dev wishes. Current, Sub Modeling
cannot even be tested, as the exporter is broken. So what bugs exist in sub-
modeling that have yet to be uncovered ? I would still like to see the MSFS
PREMIUM Planes re-exported with this set, as it is now pretty clear that these
planes are likely to remain in their original , basic and in some cases broken
state, for the duration of the sim. Anyway, please consider getting the
exporter FIXED, so that all Devs will have an OPTION.

Hi, It looks like the issue is still there for me. Even using Babylon/Babylon
Resolve UniqueIDs … doesn’t work. Any update on this, please?

See my post here for custom scripts and solution.