Baron Improvement Mod - What files can I distribute?

Hi All, On the heals of the G36 Improvement Project I’ve started work on a
Baron Improvement Project. As this is one of the Deluxe aircraft I’m aware
that the aircraft is locked and there are some files we can’t edit/see. My G36
Mod has been setup as it’s own aircraft rather than a modification of the
default so as not to interfere with other mods. I’d like to do this with the
Baron but I’m worried about sharing files that I shouldn’t with an aircraft
that is part of the deluxe package. Am I right in thinking it’s ok if I don’t
include the .fsarchive files? Many thanks Matt

Correct me if I’m wrong @FlyingRaccoon but clear cfg files should be ok to be
redistributed since last SU. Of course xml and models are unavailable. Only a
rewrite from scratch would be possible here, based on simvar
presence/variations. Would that be something allowed ?

My understanding is that, as far as the Premium/deluxe planes are
concerned (or any encrypted plane that is sold on the MarketPlace) (1) One can
distribute modified version of the .cfg files. ***** (2) One can distribute
your own, created XML files, if you need different ones to the encoded ones.
(3) One can distribute any additional models / sub models that you create
yourself, or have permission from a 3rd Party developer of such models, to use
in your mod. (4) One can distribute in your package, any other file type that
you create yourself What you cannot distribute are any of the encrypted files
(or obviousl;y any versions of those file that are those encrypted files, that
have been unofficially de–un-encrypted) - not that distributing these
encrypted files does any good ? ***** A Gray are may be distributing a
modified version of a non-encrypted .cfg file that is part of a 3rd party
Plane. ( seem to remember on 3rd party developer violently objected, that
their .cfg file, that were basically an Asobo Template, badly modified, and
much in need of improvement, were beimng distributed (for FREE) to the
community, when they assumed they had a copyright on it. Why a 3rd party
developer , selling a Plane, would object to someone putting out something
that makes that plane better, and this more desirable, would object, is beyond
my understanding, unless it is an EGO thing.
I see community / 3rd party
Mods, to exisiting planes a Win-Win-Win situation.
A win for the
who buys the original Plane
****A win for the original Plane
whose plane gets improved (and thus more sellable), without them
having to do the work (assuming they able)
A win for the Modder,
creating the Mod, either as Freeware or Payware.
_ ___

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