Beacon exclusion not working


I recently found out that the beacon exclusion is not working.

It’s not showing up in dev mode; it only shows up after compiling the package and loading the scenery.

An exclusion rectangle was applied.


Has been like that since day one, Some exclusions requires the bgl compiled (via build all) and loaded into the VFS,
Guess is by design and may be hard to have a “live” feature

In this case it’s about excluding. It doesn’t work, even after build all or using package from community.

Uhm what is the ICAO?

EICK, Cork

uhm very weird, I don’t have a single beacon in EICK!

are you sure isn’t something from your own custom scenery?
maybe you may have checked by mistake an “hasBeacon”?
search for this code in the xml

			<Beacon type="CIVILIAN" baseType="AIRPORT"/>