BehaviourDebug -> InputEvents -> Currently tracked values -- extra "_Set" event showing after SimConnect_SetInputEvent() call

Version: SU13

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low

Context: Dev mode Behaviors tool

Bug description:
I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended, but it is unexpected.

After calling SimConnect’s SetInputEvent() function (I’m using managed version), an extra event shows up in the “Currently tracked values” listing. This new “value” has the ID of the input event which was set via SimConnect, with “_Set” appended to it. (Not to be confused with the binding of the same name – it’s not a binding that one can “pin” or do anything with, just an entry in the table.) The Value and TTValue are always equal to the actual tracked event value (w/out the “_Set” part). Please see screenshots below.

Using the “Pinned Events” tool to set a parameter value on the same input event, like in the screenshots, does not produce the same behavior (not extra “_Set” entry is added).

Clicking <Stop tracking> on the event in the left window does not remove the extra “_Set” one, but it can be removed by clicking the X next to it (until the next time SetInputEvent() is called.

Actually the phantom “_Set” values show up in “Currently tracked values” even if the actual input event is not being tracked in the first place.

Repro steps:

Use SimConnect’s SetInputEvent() on any input event.


Before calling SetInputEvent() on “HANDLING_AileronsTrim_1” input event:

And after: