Better organization options for Custom Content

Hello, I would like to request a better way to organize content under the
custom content area. Right now we are having to change the text line under the
.flt file to organize addons that fall under the customer content area. For
example, on my recent release, I used the following to list missions under a
proper heading so it doesn’t just list under the default Bushtrip heading.
[Main] MissionType=Sightseer Japan The problem is the title still shows
Sightseer Japan:CORE. Is there a way we can just have the possibility the
company name and the title of the product (i.e. Adventum Simulations:
Sightseer Japan) or just the title (Sightseer: Japan) of the product show as a
heading without the additional :CORE text on the my content pages? It would
look better and allow us to organize the area to how we want the product
contents displayed to customers. I know some other developers already have
this in place with custom headings. This is the current workaround, but it
still needs some work for better orga Thanks! Jeff @ Adventum Simulations