Blender animation and the new MSFS glFT exporter

Has someone tried animations in Blender 3.3 with the new exporter?

I am trying the tutorial made by Flying Theston here:

It used to work simply fine using the old exporter, but now anything you export runs like one frame every four seconds! I have an animation setup to run at 120 seconds for a full 360-degree rotation, but as I have said, the best I get now is one frame every four seconds. This makes my windmill rotate so slow that it almost seems standing still! I suppose I can speed the animation up ridiculous fast which should then run hopefully fine in MSFS, but that is not the idea as finding the correct rotation speed is going to be almost impossible!

The tutorial also instructs you to add the following line to your project XML file:
<Animation name="[NAME" guid="[GUID]" type="Standard" typeParam="Autoplay"/>
Unlike the old exporter, this line gets overwritten when you export the XML… You will need to always put it back when you are done with your export…

I would like to hear someone’s thoughts on this. Did you get it working normally or is this a known bug?


about the xml, once you have it, simply uncheck the “generate .xml” in the multiexport setting and it will not ovveride it

about the animation behaviour, you have to check all the checkboxes options in the relevant animation section of the multiexporter (see attached image)
this will prevent the anim interpolation to be translated as bicubic spline, while the correct interpolation the game recognise is LINEAR (you can check this in the gltf file)

i just don’t undestand what to you mean by “run at 120 seconds for a full 360 degree rotation”,
maybe you mean you set them at 120 frames, that translates in the game to a duration of to 6.5 seconds at 18 frames/second

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Got it working by following your instructions during the export. :smile:

Just to explain; I have a windmill that makes a full rotation (360 degrees) every 120 seconds. Yes, this is a bit slow, because the recommended speed is 360 degrees every 90 seconds, but I wanted a slower rotation than normal.

I hope the devs of the exporter read this, because I would like it if they could find a way to export XML files without destroying any entries we have made, especially for animation.

Anyway, thanks again for the help! Greatly appreciate it!

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