Bridge Orb type lights

reviewing current bridges on sites like no
one else has accurately rendered a bridge light… seems just POINT or SPOT
lights appear on msfs bridges atm. I would think whatever msfs uses for ORB
like street lights were available to just plop in for bridge lights.
Bridge lights I had in xplane

If you modeled the bridges in Blender, this type of lamp can be added through

Any third party light will have the same problem - pathetic draw distance.
It’ll burn out a few metres away. I’ve seen a few people solve it but it
involved ridiculous workarounds with multiple LODs and giant hidden meshes.
The SDK could really use a selection of lights that are freely placeable with
visibility that runs for miles rather than 100 - 200 metres.

Light sources are one of those never-addressed issues.
sources/320034> Just like the removal of ORB lights (which I heard is actually
a wip).

Could you give me specifics on which lamp using blender? or even example of
xml code - as I stated I haven’t seen anyone achieve this with bridges in the

Very good feedback… I have also read that someone created a LARGE 3d box
with invisible textures to contain the object so it would load from a

Omni directional bulbs with 2D planes seem to do the job for now. Not the
ideal method, but it does work.

Yes, invisible meshes/planes is the work around for now. I highly doubt you
will find this fix on freeware due to workload in Blender.

The orb lights seem to be a sort of sprite that doesn’t scale like a normal
object. It stays the same size in pixels as you move away. As far as I can
tell we don’t have any way of placing these, other than making light presets
for airports and using lightrow.

What is the work around to this issue? Adding a plane, making it 100%
transparent (alpha), and then what?