Broken Throttle Variable in

We depend upon the variable “GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:1” for our
collective position input. I have my Logitech 3D Pro axis bound to “Throttle
Axis”. I also have “F2” bound to “Decrease Throttle” and “F3” bound to
“Increase Throttle” F2/F3 work as expected. I can control the throttle,
A:GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:1 updates as expected, and I can see the
helicopter collective move, and the helicopter takes off. The joystick input
is totally broken. No matter where I move my throttle axis, A:GENERAL ENG
THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:1 is instantly reset to “0”. Even if I increase it to
50 via F3, as soon as I touch my throttle paddle it jumps back to zero.
Reports from multiple users seeing the same issue, and it’s actually affecting
other MSFS aircraft not just us. Note that this does vary from aircraft to
aircraft (MSFS built-in aircraft work fine). I’m running some comparisons to
see if I can find a pattern of what’s causing this. That said it’s definitely
a regression in and a huge deal to us. Thanks, Dan

As a big hint, bringing in an ASOBO_ENGINE_Lever_Throttle_Template to the
model XML appears to fix things. Any idea why a virtual throttle lever binding
is needed to bring simulation events to life?

Confirms - it fixes issue (side note: for multiple engines same amount of
levers should be added). My guess it related with PROCESS_LIMITS parameter -
without initialization, min/max values of each throttle lever stays 0/0

@flyinside_dan can you make a tutorial on yt how to do it. I try and it didn’t

You can use throttles template(s) without custom values (templates 2-3-4 and 1
can be removed if you have single engine)