[BUG] Changing aircraft during mission doesn't work correctly

With DevMode, we can use the Aircraft Selector to change aircraft during
flight. With mission scripts, we have an equivalent element called
ChangeObjectTypeAction. But the element doesn’t work correctly. I have made
a demo project to show the differences between the Aircraft Selector and
ChangeObjectTypeAction.zip. When
you load the project, in Activities > Custom content, you can find two
missions, one with missionscript and one without. The missionscript changes
the aircraft to ‘Bell 407 Red-Tan’ after 10 seconds. In the mission without
script, you can change the aircraft with the Aircraft Selector window. Here
are the problems I found with the ChangeObjectTypeAction:

  • The new aircraft doesn’t appear in the correct location, but it is teleported to coordinates 0,0.
  • The engine isn’t running anymore.
  • The camera positions aren’t updated. So the pilot view of the original aircraft is in the roof of the new aircraft.
  • When in external view during teleport, the HUD isn’t updated.

Could you please fix the ChangeObjectTypeAction, so it behaves like the
Aircraft Selector?

Hello @Mr_LiamT , Indeed, there is an issue here as the behavior should be the
same as the Aircraft Selector I’ll open a ticket on our end and let you know
when I know more. Regards, Boris