[BUG] CRASH FLAG simconnect doesnt work for USER plane

Mi Hi @FlyingRaccoon @Boris1 , Bug: CRASH FLAG simconnect var doesn’t work
also for USER plane. It seems that CRASH FLAG is always 0 for User plane and
For AI (with or without CRASH DAMAGE true or false) F

someone can confirm this ? Or explain me @EPellissier @Boris @FlyingRaccoon

Hello @Kartijno I’ve been able to reproduce the issue, it’s currently under
investigation. Best regards, Yohan

thank you @Yoanito ! I can add also a note for enable it also for AI planes
and also if you have Crash Detection Disabled (because could be useful
understand if a plane impact a building also if you dont want restart the sim
) .

Hello @Kartijno After some investigation, I found the issue, the simvar is
working as intended but it’s value only change for merely a frame before going
back to 0. Simconnect is unable to catch this change so the value stay at 0 on
simvarwatcher or on any simconnect app. This issue has been registered and
will be reviewed. Maybe this answer will also answer [your other
collision-detection.html) on the subject. Best regards, Yohan