[BUG] In-sim "Build package" does not work

Latest SU8 Beta, in-sim Build package command still does not build the

As a consequence package
root’s jsons are not generated. Fspackagetool method works ok.

Hi there, Do you have Marketplace Data in your package? Best regards, Eric /

I have this in the Marketplace.json:

This is why the console tells you that the package has “No support contact”,
“No thumbnail”, “No tag” and “No background image”. These are mandatory for
the package to build as expected. With the updated SU8 version, you can also
simply delete your Marketplace Data (of course you will need it if you are
planning to export to the Marketplace!). The fspackagetool may not fail right
now but it will in future updates if data is missing. Best regards, Eric /

Well then it’s not a bug. You need to specify the fields mentioned in the
error messages to be able to build a package containing Marketplace data, this
is a requirement. fspackagetool doesn’t do that check at the moment but this
is likely to change. Regards, Sylvain

Eric, Sylvain, thank you. It just needs to be a bit more clear. The first
iteration of the SU8 beta completely denied any compilation if the marketplace
data was not there. So I added some of it and it worked. Now it looks like
either Marketplace data should be there in full or there should be no such
data at all. It just needs to be stated somewhere loud and clear. Thank you
for the support!